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Imagine feeling cold and not being able to find shelter from the chilly winds, or have the resources available to get a comfortable blanket or coat to wrap yourself in. That is the reality faced by many of the orphaned children we support through our winter blanket and clothing appeal. When winter is on its way, those living in poverty don’t get to excitedly anticipate fireplaces and hot chocolate, all they want is a simple place to find comfort and warmth when the temperatures begin to drop.

Delivering Warmth to Save Lives

At Orphans in Need, we work tirelessly on the ground to deliver much-needed winter warmth kits.

Each kit gives a child a warm blanket, coat, hat, scarf and gloves of their own to protect them from temperatures that fall as low as -6°C and, with every passing winter, the temperature changes become more extreme and cause more risk to vulnerable lives.

Every year, as the temperature falls, the mortality level rises and the only way we can change this is if we help the neediest of civilians, the orphan children and widows who have nowhere else to turn.

Every winter warmth kit your donations provide is a gift of love from you that can bring warmth and save their lives.

Give Today and Protect the Future of Children in Need

We provide several options for giving to make it easier for our donors.

A one-off donation of £25 provides a winter warmth kit to an orphan in need, the £60 tier will provide support to a family of five for an entire month, including winter clothing and food and £150 ensures we can provide a month’s worth of heating to an orphanage. You can also choose to give these amounts regularly each month and allow us to plan future support for orphans and widows across the world.

Last year, on top of the winter warmth kits, we were able to build homes for widows to give them better shelter from the icy winds. This year with your support we hope to do much more and reach more families in need with aid from our winter appeal.

Vulnerable lives are at risk, and this year, your help is needed more than ever.

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The Effect of COVID on Impoverished Communities

The 2019/2020 pandemic will influence a greater struggle to survive winter this year for the millions of people living in poverty and the millions more that have lost their jobs through no fault of their own.

Every day, more people in developing and developed countries fall below the poverty line and need to rely on support systems, charities and the generosity of others to survive. We endeavour to support as many families as we can, reaching more people living in poor conditions and suffering in poverty to provide warmth kits to protect them from the cold before the winter arrives.

Social programmes, although stretched thin, are fortunate enough to exist in developed countries such as the UK. Sadly, in developing countries, there is no such support and the pandemic has had a horrendous impact on already struggling areas that are affected by poverty, illness and conflict. These countries rely on the trade of internally produced goods and as these supply chains have been disrupted, hundreds of thousands of workers are losing their already meagre income making it much harder to support their families.

Furthermore, people and families that have been forced from their homes and now reside in extremely densely populated refugee camps where sickness such as COVID can rapidly spread due to close-quarter living and lack of access to hygiene facilities. Winter for these refugees will be a terrifying time, cold, isolated and without the support they deserve.

Life is already difficult for these communities, but with the threat of the virus looming, this year could see thousands of people lose their lives – including the young and old. With your help, we aim to bring hope and support to those in need this winter by providing warm clothing, medical care and nourishing food packages.

We have a dedicated Coronavirus appeal helping to stop the spread of the virus by providing food packs to families in need and all-important COVID-19 hygiene kits.

Surviving Another Winter in Kashmir

The situation in Kashmir continues to remain bleak as the enforced curfews and disrupted communications are yet to come to an end.

Food stocks are dropping rapidly with very little resource able to get through to replenish food stores. It has been more than a year (August ‘19) since the Indian government stepped in and split the region into two union territories and although violence has not escalated, many assurances of stability and development have not been delivered.

Winters in Kashmir are harsh, seeing temperatures drop to -10°C in recent years and suffering intense snow and icy winds. This combined with the restricted 2G internet services will make it much harder for families to receive medical attention or seek assistance when travelling in harsh winter weather. Sadly many communities are also facing severe mental health problems as a result of the lockdown and the COVID pandemic, which led to many individuals in complete isolation with no way to communicate with loved ones.

Kashmir remains in a volatile state and many families face additional stress this winter simply trying to survive, relying on the generosity of overseas charities and programmes that deliver food, clothing and medical supplies.

With your help so far, we have distributed over 6000 food parcels to the poor and the needy in Kashmir. With the restrictions still in place, orphans, widows, and struggling families are lacking the basic food and fuel supplies that could help them survive this winter and beyond, with no anticipated end date to their suffering in sight.

Please donate to those suffering in Kashmir and help us provide the support that will save lives.
Click here to give to our Kashmir Emergency Appeal.

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Orphans are supported each year across 14 different countries


Orphans are supported each year across 14 different countries


Orphans are supported each year across 14 different countries

This is Ibtesam Altarabilsy

Ibtesam Altarabilsy lives in North Gaza-Beit Lahia in Palestine with his mother, 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Ibtesam was attending school before receiving sponsorship but now due to your support Ibtesam is doing very well and is studying at university.”

This is Daddy Mammy Coker

As part of our visit to Sierra Leone we spoke to many children in the hope of finding out more about the lives of orphans in Freetown. We asked the usual questions about their favourite subjects, their hobbies and what they want to be when they grow up.

This is Yusupha

Yusupha is the mother of 4 children. Yusupha’s husband passed away in 2015 from a stroke after this, she became a widow and her children became orphans. Because there was now no sole breadwinner in the family, Yusupha struggled to provide food. Her daily income only carried the family through a day or two at most.

Providing a safer future for Widows and Orphans in need

To make it easier for you to donate we provide the option for one-off £30 donations or monthly recurring £30 donations that allow us to better plan for providing future support. Donors can also provide a one-off donation of £360 (less than a £1 a day) that will ensure a family in need is given food parcel support for an entire year (12 months).